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HMO Cleaning

HMO Cleaning Services

It almost an impossible task to keep a shared house tidy all the time, we are also specialized in the HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupancy) cleaning service. We have a team working alongside agents, landlords, and tenants to achieve expected results every time you hire. We undertake all aspects of a professional cleaning solution fortnightly, and weekly as well.

We clean all the individual rooms, full house deep clean, communal areas including the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, hallways, and all other shared areas, giving landlords peace of mind.

At the time we clean the HMO properties, we pay extra attention to any changes in the home and if there is an issue or fault, we immediately inform the property owner or manager.

We offer a weekly or fortnightly service in the Manchester area, which we tailor to your requirements.

Cleaning the communal areas in an HMO?

As soon as the tenants leave a dish in the sink it seems to prompt others to do the same in a row, and then before you know it the whole property turns into a dumping zone.

There is always an issue with the Professional HMOs when it comes to cleaning. One of the biggest problems that occur with owning a professional HMO is when the tenants move out. At this time, it’s your responsibility to check the room, order maintenance, and clean everything for the next tenant. Most of the time this process is huge.

Top tips to keep an HMO house clean

  • Employ a cleaning service to attend at least once a fortnight and make sure the tenants should also be aware of bin day.
  • Make sure you have some form of House Policy at least for the cleaning of the house and removal of bins and supply at least two large bins for the kitchen, one for recycling and another one for general waste
  • Lastly, make sure that you are conducting regular house checks.

It’s never been an easy job with HMOs but if you should follow these simple rules then you become able to keep on top of things.

We are truly a one-stop solution to all your HMO cleaning requirements.