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One-Off Cleaning

One-Off Cleaning Services

The One-Off Cleaning service is a cleaning service which is booked once and not regularly. In a specific time of a year or after a certain time interval your property needs a one-off cleaning, usually it is more intense and deeper clean than domestic clean. Basically, customer wants to clean their internal widow, microwave, oven, hood fridge, full bathroom clean etc.

The customer has a priority list on booked hours, from most important to less important. Cleaners do their best on booked hours.

Our One-Off Cleaning Service can be customized according to your needs, if you booked too many hours, and cleaners did everything that you wish, we will refund not cleaned hours.

For example, you booked 8 hours for £120, and the cleaner did work within 7 hours, and you are happy, we will refund £15 sounds good? But it is true

What We Offer- Our One-Off Cleaning includes

  • Deep Bedroom cleaning Service
  • Lounge cleaning
  • Bathroom and Toilet cleaning
  • Deep Kitchen cleaning
  • Stair and hallway cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Deep Window cleaning
  • Spring cleaning etc.